At Cypress Group, Inc., our landscape design team strives to create plantscapes that include seasonal interest with color, textures, varying heights, and extended bloom time. We prefer to use locally-grown plant material, as it does better in this area, and has been grown in our soil.

Front Yard Planting in Bartlett

Planting Time

Most plants can be installed any time in the growing season, even in mid-summer (if proper care is used.) However, the best time to plant is in the spring and fall. However, some plants are best planted at certain times of the year. And some can only be dug at certain times of the year.

Planting Techniques

Make all the difference for a plant to survive and flourish. Trimming or cutting back a tree or shrub after planting can help it to survive, and even take-off more quickly. Plants normally go into some kind of shock after planting. Generally, perennials grow roots the first one to two years. Then the third year, they reach their full size.

Plant Warranty

Ligularia 'Little Rocket'

Cypress Group, Inc. provides a one-year warranty for plant material that we provide and install (except annuals, bulbs and groundcovers).

Additional Information