What is a great landscape design without a great landscape installation?

Water Feature Installation

At Cypress Group, Inc., whether installing hardscapes or softscapes (plants), our highly-trained installers are efficient and detail-oriented. Our job foremen speak English, which insures good communication with you. We follow stringent standards for construction for our hardscapes and selection of plant materials.

Cypress Group, Inc. follows stringent standards for construction for hardscapes, so that the landscape installation won’t fail in the future. The main failure of a paver or wall installation is generally due to the gravel base, which can later cause sinking or settling of the paved area. We also use polymeric sand as a standard for the paver joints, so that moss, ants, and grass will not become a problem in the future.

Landscape Installation Process


Sod Installation
  • Utilities - We will contact J.U.L.I.E. to have them mark the location of all buried utilities, prior to landscape construction starting.
  • Site Inspection - Our construction superintendent will visit your house to confirm conditions for material delivery, machinery access, etc.
  • Order - Hardscape and plant materials.
  • Permits or bonds for work from the city/township/county as needed. The permit cost is not included in the contract.
  • Landscape installation drawings or details - As needed.
  • Materials Approval - Actual sample of hardscape materials, as needed.


  • Landscape Construction Payment - Collect 2nd payment.
  • Removals - Any plant or hardscape materials (as necessary).
  • Protection of site (as necessary).
  • Weeds - Remove or kill prior to installation.


Installing Outdoor Bar in  Bartlett
  • Deliver - Hardscape materials to site.
  • Mark - Hardscape areas
  • Regrade or correct drainage (if needed)
  • Excavation & install gravel base - For pavers and walls.
  • Permit - Inspection as necessary.
  • Hardscape - Install.
  • Landscape Lighting - Install.
  • Downspouts & Sump Lines - bury & extend.
  • Irrigation - Install new or make adjustments (to existing), move or cap existing sprinkler heads (if applicable).

Removal of Existing Plant Material

We can remove old plant material as necessary, due to its age, health, or size.

Plant Material to Remain

If plant material is to remain we can trim, prune, transplant, or split (make more plants out of one original plant) as needed. We do not warranty any transplanted or split plant material.

Softscape (Planting)

  • Final Grade (if necessary)
  • Bed Preparation and Amendment - Mark bed lines, remove sod, install or dig bed edging, and prepare soil (as needed). Pre-emergent and fertilizer are standard bed amendments.

  • Plant Material - Deliver, place, then install.
  • Beds - Install mulch, fertilizer, and pre-emergent to planting beds.
  • Turf - Repair or reseed (as necessary) due to construction, or install new sod.
  • Clean Up - Site.

Site Supervision

The landscape architect/designer and construction superintendent visit the site regularly to make sure that the job goes smoothly. Cypress Group, Inc. is fully insured and bonded. Your landscape designer or architect will be your main contact throughout the entire job.

Installing  Bluestone Dimensional Pavers in Downers Grove

Finishing Touches

  • Final walk-through to make sure that you are satisfied with everything, and to educate you about your new landscape (and how to take care of it).
  • Final payment.
  • Enjoy your new landscape!

Change Orders

Any change or addition to the project after the landscape contract is signed necessitates a change order. A change order describes additions or changes to the contract, and the price for the additions/changes. The additional charge will be added to the overall cost of the contract. Some change orders may delay the project if materials aren't readily available.