Extend your living space and create an outdoor family room or dining room. Add an outdoor kitchen or bar and ramp up the space even more. Seatwalls, columns, arbors, & pergolas can add a feelling of enclosure to your patio.

Paver Patio with Steps, Seat Walls, & Firepit in Glen EllynPaver Patio, Firepit, Seat Wall & Waterfeature in BartlettPatios have many uses - sunbathing, dining, lounging, etc. They can be rectilinear or curvilinear, and raised or flush with the ground. They can be made of stone or manmade materials. Patios can be all one level or multilevel.

Paver accent borders made of soldier or sailor courses can provide the feeling of a rug, add texture, color, and/or interest. Using more than one type of paver or color can also add interest, define a 'room', or break up a large area of pavers.