Manmade PaversClients have a myriad of choices when it comes to hardscape materials - from natural stone to manmade concrete products.

Manmade Building Materials:

Belgard Subterra Permeable PaversManmade pavers are made of clay or concrete. They are designed to look like brick, stone, cobblestone, or just plain concrete.

Permeable pavers are eco-friendly concrete or clay pavers with larger joints that allow storm water runoff to infiltrate into the soil. Many cities keep track of the amount of impermeable surfaces on your lot, figuring out the maximum percentage allowed. Permeable pavers are a good alternative when you have reached that maximum impermeable percentage, or if you want to make a 'green' choice for your hardscaping

Unilock Ecoloc Permeable PaversManmade wall units are made of concrete and can be smooth or rough faced. Retaining wall units are specially designed to hold a slope or hill. Bed walls just have to hold the soil for the bed. Seat walls are for sitting on. We also use wall units to build fire features, columns, benches, walls for raised patios, and for outdoor kitchens.

Manmade Step Units, Column Caps, and Outcropping can save money over stone.

We use many quality manmade paver & wall unit manufacturers: Anchor, Belgard, Borgert, Paveloc, Pine Hall Brick, Rockwood, Rosetta, Silver Creek, Unilock, and Versa-Lok, to name a few.

Natural Stone Materials:

Hardscapes in St. CharlesNatural stone can be used for: pavers, walls, retaining slopes, edging beds, decoration, mulch, drainage areas, etc. Stone comes in many textures: rough, naturally smooth & rounded, machine cut smooth, or natural snapped face. Stone can be used for either formal to informal designs. Colors and types of stone vary depending upon the quarries they come from. We buy from many local stone quarries that sell local stone, or import many different types of stone from all over the United States and beyond.


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