Unilock Copthorne Paver DrivewayDriveways can be made of stone or manmade materials. Manmade pavers are very popular, and offer more design possibilities with durability and ease of maintenance. Only particular thicknesses and density of pavers can be used for driveways due to the weight loads. Permeable pavers are a greener choice, as they can manage surface water run-off. Permeable pavers cool and clean the surface water it captures, takes this water away from the house, and can solve many grading or water problems on the site. However, permeable paver installations are about 20 percent more than regular paver installations. Unilock Courtstone Paver Driveway.

Some municipalities will only allow a certain percent of the lot to be impervious (won't absorb surface water). Permeable pavers can be a solution, if you have reached or are close to your maximum percent of impervious surfaces.