Is polymeric sand better then regular sand?

CrabgrassWe use polymeric sand as a standard for our paver installations - so that moss, ants, and grass in the joints will not become a problem in the future.

Should I use real stone or concrete stone-look pavers?

It is preference - stone of course is the real thing, but costs more, though will last longer. Stone can be quite expensive.

NutsedgeDo I need to seal my paver installation?

Again, this is preference. It is not necessary.

I have moss growing in the cracks of my pavers - how can I get rid of it?

Your patio is probably on the north side of the house (shady) and somehow, there is lots of moisture. You probably don't have polymeric sand in the joints between the pavers, but just plain sand. Polymeric sand forms a hard seal between the pavers, and it makes it hard for weeds, grass, and moss to grow. Getting rid of moss once you have it is difficult.

DogMy pavers were just installed. Why do they have a fine whitish powder all over them?

You have efflorescence on your pavers. Soluble salts carried to the face of the product by moisture, then followed by evaporation leave the powder. Eventually it should stop, and it can be washed away.


How much should I water after the landscape installation is done?

See our Watering page about that.

Why won't my shrubs bloom?

Did you trim them within 2 weeks after they bloomed? If not, then you may have trimmed off next year's blooms. Edward Scissor Hands, put away your clippers! Or perhaps the shrub needs more sun.

Deer Eating BushesWhy does it seem that the deer like to eat all of my landscape?

Unfortunately, there is no deer-proof plant, but there are plants that they GENERALLY don't prefer: fuzzy, pungent foliage, thorns, poisonous, more established plants, or less tender growth. However, younger deer haven't learned what doesn't taste good, and they may 'try' things as they learn. Plants that deer don't eat in Georgia may be eaten by deer in this area.

My plants leaves are turning yellow and are falling off?

It could be many things: overwatering, shock, disease.

Rabbit Eating PlantSomething is eating my plant - they look like some has used clippers to take them off (smooth & clean cuts)?

Probably rabbits - they have sharp teeth, if it was a deer, the leaves would be shredded. It also depends upon the height of the damage - as rabbits can't reach what a deer can.

This winter, something chewed off the bark at the base of my burning bushes?

Rabbits like to chew on bark of shrubs or trees when they get really hungry in the winter. Especially susceptible plants may need to be caged in the winter.

The needles of my pine tree started to turn yellow and are falling off?

If it is in the fall, and the inner needles are falling off, then it is normal - needles only live so long. Other times of the year could be overwatering or disease.

Grass SeedAre Preen or other pre-emergents safe for my plants?

Yes, they are completely safe, but try to brush them off leaves if possible. Preen prevents weeds from germinating. There are millions of weed seeds in your soil. Any disturbance of the soil can stimulate them to grow. Regular use of a pre-emergent can help greatly with new annual weeds. Preen with fertilizer is great because it not only keeps the weeds down, but also adds fertilizer.

Sod InstallationMy plants get droopy every day towards evening - they were just installed recently?

Plants go into shock when they are planted, they just don't have enough of a root system to support the plant above. The plant can't take in enough water quickly enough. Certain water-loving plants like hydrangeas or plants with large leaves tend to droop before other plants. However, stick your finger in the soil to make sure it is dry before you rush to water them.

Water Features:

How do I keep Herons from catching my Koi fish?

Your pond needs to be deeper then two feet; and have caves to provide the fish with places to hide from these crafty birds.

My water feature seems to need to be filled with water constantly, why?

If you don't have an auto-fill attached to your water feature, it may be surprising how much water actually evaporates daily in the summertime. Water evaporates more quickly the wider the stream is or the more waterfalls there are. The auto-fill can be hooked up to your irrigation system or to your hose bib. The auto-fill has a bobber much like in the guts of a toilet. When the water level gets to a certain level, the switch is activated to add more water.


I replaced the light bulbs in my low voltage lights recently, and now they keep burning out?

Make sure that you replaced them with the correct wattage, and type of light bulb (lamp). Also, if you leave burned out lamps in fixtures, more power goes to the other lamps, thus overloading them and causing them to burn out.

My photocell never turns off my outdoor lights - why?

If your photocell is in the shade, it can get tricked into thinking it is dark out.