Landscape Architecture and Design

Paver Patio Campton Hills

We employ landscape architects and landscape designers with expertise in custom residential and commercial landscape design.

After your initial client meeting, we perform extensive site evaluations, so that preliminary concepts and budgets can be established. This enables you to make an educated decision regarding your outdoor living space, based on accurate and complete information.

We design outdoor living spaces that work for you.

Design Process

Landscape Design Process
  • The initial landscape design consultation should be at your home with decision makers attending.
  • Collect copy of plat map and design consultation fee.
  • You walk the property with the clients to ascertain & prioritize your needs, wants, and budget.
  • Discuss your budget, and whether phasing the landscape construction is necessary.
  • Ascertain site conditions and any problems that need to be addressed.
  • Landscape Design Contract - The landscape designer/architect will come up with a contract for the landscape design. The initial design consultation fee will be credited towards the landscape design contract. The deposit for the design is due at this time.
  • Photograph & measure property
  • Inventory & inspect existing plant material for: growth habit, size, disease, pests, or damage.

Landscape Design Process

 Presentation Board for Plants
  • Your landscape designer will create the base sheet that shows existing features & conditions of the property including: easements, locations of utilities, and existing plant material or hardscaping.
  • Optional Conceptual Landscape Design - If the landscape design is complex, then a conceptual landscape design or loose sketch will be shown to you to make sure that Cypress Group, Inc. is on the right track with the design. Plant types are indicated, but particular plant names are not specified.
  • Final Landscape Design - This is the drawing the shows all hardscape features and the location and exact names of plants to be used. Existing landscape features or plants to be removed, relocated, or split, are also indicated on this plan.
  • Optional Landscape Design Work includes - elevations, perspective drawings, rendered drawings, etc.
  • Code check - We may need to check with the city/township/county to ascertain what is allowed & may need a permit for your project.
  • Proposal for Landscape Construction - A quote to do the work proposed in the final landscape design.

Landscaping Design Blueprint

Final Landscape Design Presentation

Downers Grove Backyard - Outdoor Room
  • Final Client Presentation - We will present the final landscape design and construction quote to you, along with samples, brochures, or photos of materials and plants, to be used on the project. Again, it is best to have all decision-makers available for this presentation.
  • Revisions - If you don't like, or want to change the landscape design, revisions will be made to the design.
  • Make final decisions for hardscape and plant materials (type, manufacturer, and color).
  • Final payment for landscape design contract is due at this time.
  • Landscape Construction Contract - If you like the landscape design and want Cypress Group, Inc. to do the landscape construction, you will sign a construction contract. The design fee will be credited towards the landscape construction contract. If the project is to be phased, then the design fee credit will be divided by phase, and credited accordingly. At the signing of the construction contract, a deposit for construction is required.
  • Landscape Design Plan - You will receive two copies of the final plan. Cypress Group, Inc. will retain the original.
  • Schedule Landscape Construction - A tentative start date is given at this time, but this is of course dependent upon weather or other delays. A more firm date will be given approximately the week before construction starts.