Waterfall in BartlettWater features are becoming more popular for outdoor living spaces. The sight & sound of water has always been profound for humans. Nothing is more relaxing then coming home from work to sit by your water feature, and have the stress of your day melt away. New technology makes taking care of water features simpler than in the past. New pumps, filtration systems, skimmers, and eco-systems have revolutionized the water feature industry.

There are many types of water features:

  • Colorfalls Colored LED Weir & Water Feature KitWaterfalls & Streams - If you want sound, then this is the way to go. The higher the waterfall, the louder it is.
  • Pondless Waterfalls or Dry Ponds - are one of the easiest to care for, as no filtration system is needed. They are also an excellent choice if safety is a major factor. You get the sound of water from a stream and/or waterfall, but no standing water, as it disappears into the gravel at the bottom. The water re-circulates from top to bottom. The larger the basin below, the less you have to refill it. An auto-fill is an excellent idea for this, so that you don't have to constantly refill the basin (due to evaporation).
  • Aquascapes Tilting Jar Water FeaturePonds - with fish (Koi or other), or just water plants. If you want to go completely natural - how about an eco-system pond with Koi fish, turtles, and/or water plants?
  • Pools - more traditional in style, and usually rectilinear.
  • Weirs, Tishways, Cascades (Arcfalls & Spill Edges) - metal, stone, or plastic. Are used to direct the water and create different decorative types of waterfall effects. Lighted LED plastic weirs are now available in different colors.
  • Decorative Fountains, Bubblers, Urns, & Spitters - with hidden underground basins to re-circulate the water.
  • Aquascapes Bronze Fish SpitterContainer Water Gardens - perfect for decks or patios, smaller plastic, resin or ceramic containers filled with water plants.