Step Lighting'Box Store' outdoor low voltage lighting is the most expensive outdoor lighting that you can ever use. Why you ask? Because it isn't well made, and breaks or malfunctions quickly. A well-designed & manufactured outdoor low voltage lighting system allows clients to use and enjoy their landscape at night. Outdoor lighting also increases the overall attractiveness of the home after dark.

The average house has line voltage light fixtures for safety - to see at night or deter crime. However, this lighting can be unattractive, too harsh, and/or cause glare. However, well-landscaped houses also include path & accent lighting. We use top-quality low voltage lighting systems, including:

  • Uplights Skimming Stone WallsFX Luminaire - low voltage, full range of outdoor lighting products, with superior construction, materials and transformers. 10-year warranty on all products.
  • In-Lite - low voltage and LED outdoor lighting - great solutions for deck lighting!
  • Integral Lighting- low voltage outdoor lighting, installs under column and wall caps.
  • Uplighting TreesKichler - line & low voltage, full range of outdoor lighting products, especially good for decorative lights & lanterns.
  • Troy Lighting
  • Vista - low voltage, full range outdoor lighting products

Integral Lighting Step LightsLow voltage lighting uses transformers to lower line voltage to provide power to outdoor light fixtures that range from 10 to 50 watts. This system creates more 'bang for the buck' or more light using less power.

We also use LED (Light Emitting Diode) fixtures that range from 1/2 to 5 watts. They use even less power than low voltage lighting fixtures do. The negatives of LED lighting can be the color of the light or its brightness. LED lights last much longer than regular low voltage lights.

There are many types of outdoor lighting:

  • LED Deck Step LightsLanterns - Traditional wall, post, or pendant fixtures (generally line voltage). This is what most people think of when they think of outdoor lighting. The problem with this type of light, is that you can get glare, making it difficult to see while walking at night.
  • Pathlights for lighting walkways, driveways and patios.
  • Uplights - Illuminate from above the target to create a focal point, and highlight, silhouette, scallop, shadow, graze, or wall-wash the target area. Wallwash lights bring out texture, or highlight vertical surfaces.
  • Downlights - Illuminate from below the target. Downlights illuminate specific garden elements and pedestrian areas, or large spaces for safety, security, or recreational purposes. A more decorative form of downlighting is moonlighting, that shoots diffused light to the ground from inside the tree's crown, as if the moon is overhead. Wallwash lights bring out texture, or highlight vertical surfaces.
  • BBQ Grill LightDeck Lights - In the decking or railings, from in the top of the railing balusters, to shining light down onto the steps.
  • Specialty Lights
    • Task Light - For general lighting to do specific tasks.
    • Decorative Light - Just because they are pretty! Outdoor chandeliers, table & floor lamps are available now.
    • Water Light - For water features both in and out of water.
    • Well light - Are flush with the ground for safety and to hide the light source.

Other important outdoor lighting parts or equipment:

Niteorbs Hand Blown Glass Accent Lights.

  • FX Luminaire Lago Brillante Water Feature LightRemote controls, switches, or control panels inside to turn on or dim particular lights or runs of lights.
  • Photocells - used to sense light levels, and to turn on the lights due to darkness, or turn off due to light.
  • Timers - are used to turn on the lights at preset times.
  • Transformers - convert the line voltage power to low voltage. This is where all of the wires for the lights end up.
  • Filters - are used to sharpen, soften, disperse, or color the light from the fixture.
  • Glare Shields - are used to prevent glare if you look directly at a light.